6 Ways to Unwind After Working

6 Ways to Unwind After Working

After a long day of working at home or at the office, we often find ourselves wanting to relax so we can ease the pressures of the day. However, with multiple problems, unnecessary worries, and tasks seeking our attention, you might find it hard to actually unwind. To lend you a helping hand, we have gathered 6 best ways to help you enjoy some much needed “me time”. 


1. Surround yourself with greenery

The moment we learn to walk we're told to “go play outside”. A walk outdoors, amongst nature, is more than just a great pick-me-up. Spending time surrounded by Mother Nature, helps calm us down, and since you’re able to sneak in some light exercise it also improves your overall mood, helps you relax, and reconnect with your surrounding. Nature also inspires our creative side, and fills our lungs with fresh air – it’s a double win!  


2. Let’s get physical

Taking a walk is a great form of exercise, but sometimes you need to really get your blood pumping in order to unwind. Hitting the gym, or finding a great workout video on YouTube, are both fun ways to help you sweat away work problems and allow your body to reduce levels of stress hormones, such as adrenaline and cortisol, and instead release natural endorphins. Even if you’re not feeling like it, you’ll be surprised how stress starts to fade away the moment you start going hard at it. 


3.  Cleaning up 

We know what you’re thinking, after a long day of working, the last thing you want to do is to start cleaning. However, there are many reasons for why cleaning can be a great stress reliever. Clutter in itself creates a stressful atmosphere; therefore, a neat home will help you feel already relieved. Incorporating mindfulness into your cleaning can also make the whole experience feel zen. 


4. Press play

If a zen state of mind is not what you’re looking for, then put some of your favorite music in the background, and watch your mood lift off. Music has the power to reduce anxiety by decreasing the levels of stress hormones, absorb our attention, distract us from work problems, and help our mind to stop wandering. Incorporating some classical music during your ‘me time’ is an extremely effective way to unwind, while playing your favorite dance tunes can lift your spirit. 


5. Do not disturb 

In order to connect with yourself, you need to disconnect with the rest of the world. Especially if you have one phone for both work and personal use, it’s important to shut if off when you want to relax. We already spend a lot of time on different types of screens, and seeing continuous emails or messages popping up will only make you feel more stressed. Sometimes it’s important to remind yourself how peaceful it can be when you don’t connect to your phone. 


6. Let us do the cooking

The thought of having to plan a meal (go to the grocery store, find all the ingredients on your shopping list, stand in line, come home, and prepare the meal) is sometimes the last thing on your mind after a day of hard work. Don’t worry! Just leave it to us. Choose one of our exquisite dishes, we’ll prepare your ready-made meal with love, so you can relax, focus on things that matter to you, and achieve the ultimate “me time”. 



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