How to boost your immune system ?

How to boost your immune system ?
How to boost your immune system

    Getting sick is not on anyone’s bucket list this year, right? That’s why today, we are bringing you six ways to boost your immune system, so you can minimize your chances of getting sick! 


    1. Rest

      Sleep and rest are definitely on top of our list. Did you know while we sleep we make white blood cells? They are our own personal bodyguards against any infection. Aim for 8 hours of sleep daily to fight off illness and spike up your immunity levels.


      2. Drink water


      Water is basic to staying healthy. It boosts our immune system by flushing out toxins from our body, plus it rids our body from waste. Try to drink at least half a gallon a day!


      3. Eat fruits and veggies


      “Eat the rainbow”, that’s our advice! Lots of fruits and veggies to stay strong and have plenty of energy. We’ll talk about the best immune-boosting foods in the weeks to come, so stay tuned! Just emphasize your consumption of vitamins C, E, A, D, and Zinc! What goes to the gut, affects our energy levels, our brain, and how we feel; that’s why at My Kosher Chef we cook with the best quality veggies in the market, to help keep you and your family safe.


      4. Gentle exercise


      Working out is a great way to boost our immune system - but don’t push yourself too hard. Listen to what your body needs. By working out you’ll be increasing your heart rate and breathing, and reduce stress. Try to exercise at least half an hour a day. You can go for a walk, ride your bike, practice some yoga... everything counts!

      5. Wash your hands


      So simple we forget. What Covid-19 has taught us, is that we need to wash our hands thoroughly and constantly, to avoid those germs from spreading.


      6. Sunshine vitamin


      Also called vitamin D, the sun is our best friend to build immunity. It fights inflammation and helps our body recover faster from illness. It also improves our muscle function and boosts our energy levels, amazing right?


      Start the new year off right by practicing these good and healthy habits! Let us help you boost your immune system by adding one of our delicious dishes to your cart. Being healthy has never been so easy!