Kosher Food Delivery Designed With You In Mind

Kosher Food Delivery Designed With You In Mind

Let’s face it; going out for a meal has always been all about a rich culinary experience, great hospitality, and a chance to spend quality time with those we love. However, with the closure of many restaurants and pubs due to the pandemic, many wonder – will the culture of eating out change?

COVID-19 has seemingly changed everything, yet nothing has changed at its core. The desire to eat gourmet meals remains, and all the more so, we want to enjoy meals with those close to us. Despite the tough times, new healthy habits have emerged, and as things slowly go back to normal, there are 4 ways that the pandemic will change the way we eat.

A greater focus on eating healthy

The pandemic has made us rethink what we serve on our plates, and ultimately put in our body. Healthy eating habits, such as the demand for foods that are free from all the nonsense such as pesticides and preservatives, as well as a desire to try more vegetarian options and other healthy foods, have been steadily growing. We have ensured that our meals are all dairy free, made with only the best ingredients, and always seasoned with a pinch of true passion. 

Creating new memories with loved ones

Many of us have had to stay away from those we love during this time, missing out on the opportunities to create new memories and share important moments. Now more than ever, food is allowing us to reconnect with friends and family, enjoy meals together, and spend quality time at the table. Serving a gourmet meal at home is an excellent opportunity to host and allow connections to flourish.

Spending time on things that matter

In the past few weeks, following the implementation of social distancing, we’ve had to say no to many of our favorite activities. The value of our time has never been so apparent as it is now. We want to spend our time with those we love, doing the things that bring us joy, and ultimately find our inner happiness through self-care. We’ll take care of the groceries, the prepping, the cooking, and the delivery, so you get more time back to do the things you’ve missed out on.

Expanding the culinary horizon 

Confined to our homes and cooking the same meals have led to the growing desire to try out new flavors. If you find yourself on the lookout for exotic flavors emerging from international cuisines, you’re not alone. With a choice of over 30 kosher dishes, inspired by global dishes found in Europe, Middle East, and Northern Africa, we’ve ensured our ever-changing menu will take your taste buds on an unforgettable culinary journey. 

Following the 4 new trends emerging from these unprecedented times, MyKosherChef was created with you in mind. Ensuring you can order healthy meals, from a vast menu, for the whole family while not spending any precious time in a grocery store line. A new era of eating in has arrived - bon appetite!