What are the health benefits of a Kosher diet?

What are the health benefits of a Kosher diet?

Keeping a Kosher diet is not only beneficial for our spirit, but also for our health. Today we’re talking about some of the main benefits of keeping Kosher!


  1. Kosher foods are healthier:

Let’s talk about meat; did you know that Kosher meat goes through a thorough inspection? Which means that it's safer than the standard meat. The animals are inspected to find any sickness or broken bones that may cause infections or other diseases.

We’ve all heard stories about friends that have found insects in a pack of cereals or rice bags. That can’t happen if you eat only Kosher foods! Fruit, veggies, and grains also go through some special regulations to avoid that from happening. 


2. Concerns for animal welfare:

There are many ways to kill an animal; some of those practices are cruel and inhumane. When eating Kosher, you make sure that the animal has been killed following certain guidelines that are meant to be more humane, less painful. 


3. Vegans & vegetarians:

It’s essential to know that Kashrut categorizes food into 3 groups: meat, dairy, and “pareve”. That makes life so much easier for vegans and vegetarians since they don’t have to pay that much attention to labels when doing the groceries. If something is dairy, there’s no meat involved.


4. Allergies & intolerances:

For those who are lactose intolerant, following a Kosher diet is the safest choice. Kashrut emphasizes the strict separation between dairy and meat. That said, whenever a product is certified “pareve”, you can rest assured there will be no accidents involving diary. 

5. Restaurants’ supervision:

Any Kosher certified restaurant or food delivery service is subject to intense inspections from a Kashrut agency. As well as a mashgiach on-site, to supervise that everything is perfect. You can rest assured that at My Kosher Chef, we follow every guideline to deliver the best quality food in the best conditions, supervised by OK Kosher.