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Kosher Certification

Our Certification, Your Peace of Mind!

We’re proud to have received the highest kosher certification available from our trusted partner OK. A kosher certification is the stamp of kosher approval by a rabbinic organization, which ensures that anything you taste from our establishment has been thoroughly verified and is of the highest Kosher standards.

Receiving the certification assures you that all products, ingredients, facilities, tools, and machinery are absolutely Kosher and are in full accordance with strict Jewish law . Everything that we do is under the guidance and direction of a highly trained Kosher supervisor called a “Mashgiach”. It’s a rigorous process, but well worth it for us since we can ensure that anything you serve to your family adheres to the strictest of Kosher Law requirements.

All our meats are only Glatt Kosher and from the highest levels of Kosher meat available in the market.

We know that kosher observance is an all-encompassing way of life, so for us to be certified, and glatt kosher, allows you to be confident that you’re savoring the highest quality meals, and also lets you be committed to your traditions no matter where you are.

Dailycious Kosher Certification